Fresh Toronto rap artist, Orijin, brings a fusion of innovative beats and thoughtful lyrics in his recently-released mixtape, “A Thousand Words.”

From the intro to the outro, each track is a clear commentary on anything from hip hop, life, religion, politics and society. And Orijin has no problem boldly speaking the truth in his music that he calls, “cleaner than soap.”

Despite the short sample, Orijin makes good use of his time, taking every second to present a clear picture of the artist he strives and proves to be. He’s open with his ideas of love (or lack there of) in “Magic touch.” He’s positive and optimistic in “Go at it.” And he’s honest with his spiritual life in “Cross my heart.”

A social work student, Orijin is in his second year at Ryerson University. With more releases like this, Orijin’s artistic future is surely as solid as his convictions.

Click on the player below to hear a track from Orijin’s mix tape.